Omegle – Online Live Video Chat

Omegle is one of the best online dating chat application. It is user friendly and there is no need of any registration. The app or website provides random chat with one another and the user can chat accordingly with the names you and stranger. One who starts chatting with stranger 1 and is boring can move to other stranger by clicking on next button. This Omegle talk to strangers dating website is started in the year 2009 by a 18 year younger boy named Leif K-Brooks from Vermont. Presently this site is visited by nearly 10 million people per day. In the year 2010 Omegle introduced a new feature that is video conference into it.

what is Omegle

Omegle is an online chatting application. The user can do text chat and video chat. But this application is available only in English language. Initially it started only text chat but later introduced video chat. So people who has web cameras and microphones can easily use this Omegle video chat with strangers. Also, this video chat has inbuilt text window and this is one of the best feature included in it.
Later in the year 2011 it also introduced a special mode named Spy mode. In that mode the user can chat with two strangers at a time and ask questions to them. If they want to quit a chat with them they can immediately quit out of it. It is the extra and new feature added to Omegle dating app.

In the year 2012, Omegle added one more special feature that is interest tag. It means the person who wish to use Omegle can add their interests and they are connected with the strangers who has same interests. It is also one of the best feature included in this website.

Again in the year 2013, they started an unmonitored video chat where the users who are above 18 years can have a uncensored video chat with the strangers. With this Omegle dating app has become one of the most popular dating application and website on internet. But there are few encounters in this unmonitered video sessions. So to protect the content of the users above 18 years they started monitoring partially.

Next in the year 2014 they introduced Omegle Dorm chat. In this feature user has to submit an email id with .edu extension. With this the user can chat with their friends, colleagues and classmates. It is an amazing feature added and with this the users for the website also increased.

In the year 2015, they introduced Recaptcha for some security reasons. This is mainly due to avoid and reduce bots on the website. Now in the year 2019 and 2020 Omegle started slogans against Community Party of China and supporting Liberation of Hong Kong.

Omegle Chat Room Features

People who are using this Omegle dating app has many features and it is very easy to use. Some of its best features are

Easy Access – Omegle chatting app is user friendly.
Text And Video Chat – It provides text chat and also video chat.
One has the feature to share and invite strangers of their own interest.
The user can also block or end chat session with the stranger and start new chat room with the new stranger.
Instant Chat – You can connect instantly with anyone.
Free Chat – The Omegle user can chat with the strangers completely free.
Secure Chat – It provides security and safety to all your chats on the website and app.

What is Omegle Webcam?

Using this Omegle dating chat application the user can also do video chat with the strangers. There is no need of any sign in or submit any of your personal information. Simply boys and girls can communicate with each other, flirt and enjoy as much you can. It is similar to the real time dating. This Omegle webcam give access to the people to have video chat.

Most of the people use this dating chat because it connects the strangers within a click. As this website or app is used by thousands of people. One can make new friends and enjoy chatting with them by sharing your interests. Daily millions of text messages, photos and videos are shared on this Omegle chat rooms. It is used by many countries like Germany, France, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Italy and more. So get paired with the strangers for free and have free online text chat and video chat.

Omegle App

It is the most random video chat application with millions of users all over the world. It is compatible with both Android and IOS system. Through this Omegle app, you can connect to the strangers and have a conversation and feel the real-time experience.

This application is used by people in nearly 160 countries. So you can choose according to your interests. In this app, one can randomly select the stranger you wish to chat and start chatting without any registration or login.

Coming on how to download this Omegle app on Android. It is simple and quick to get on your smartphones. Simply open the play store and search for Omegle app. Then download and install it to enjoy having chat with the Omegle talk to strangers. The size of the file is 54MB and it requires Android version 5.0+.

Omegle Connecting Errors

omegle error connecting to server

error connecting to server omegle

omegle not working

omegle camera not working

Omegle error with camera

Omegle Chat Alternatives

Like Omegle random video chat sites, there are few more websites and application which provides similar features. Some of the omegle alternatives are

  • Shagle
  • Cam4
  • Chatroulette
  • Tinychat
  • Bazoocam

All these are sites like Omegle. But there are few features varied compared to the features in it. People can also use the above chat applications for free and have fun conversations with strangers.

People Also Ask On Omegle

Is there any trouble if we use Omegle?

No, you won’t face any troubles or issues. Be yourself and remember that you are on the internet. While using Omegle if anything happens you are only banned from that particular website. So there is no trouble in using this site or application.

What we can actually talk on Omegle chat rooms?

One can have fun chatting with the strangers by questioning them. Like starting the conversation of your interests and something you wish to. But be clear and remember not to share any of your personal data with them through text or video chat.

Does Omegle allow only to chat with a single person daily?

No, the user who uses Omegle can chat with any of them. If they chat with one stranger and feel boring they can click on next to move to the other stranger.

What if we get banned from Omegle?

As I had already explained, it’s best to use a VPN to change the IP address while using Omegle. This surely helps you to unban from the site.

Is omegle safe?

Omegle is said to be the most used dating application worldwide. It is safer and secured until you share any of your personal content in the chat with the stranger. There are monitored and unmonitored chat rooms for privacy. But it is restricted to kids and can be used by the people who are aged above 18 years. The content provided by you is not shared anywhere but you should be careful while giving your personal data.

How to get unbanned from omegle?

The users sometimes while using Omegle get banned due to a few reasons. But they want to continue chatting with the random people on Omegle. Then there are few measurements to be taken to unbanned from Omegle. They are

Firstly, after banning you can change your IP address and create a new username. Then you can continue random chat roulette with the strangers all around. The other best way is to use a VPN that is a Virtual private network. This actually helps you to change your IP address and helps you to unbanned from the Omegle website.


So in the above, we clearly discussed the Omegle random video chat website and application. On checking all the content, people who are interested in starting a conversation can have a chat with the strangers by visiting its official portal or download the app on your device. Stay tuned for more updates and information.